Topic 1: Why Life Insurance Policies are Important in Today’s Era

With advanced age, Ramesh realized the need to secure the future of his family and dependents. This sudden realization made him think seriously about insuring his life adequately. The policy that he purchased from his uncle came as a blessing in disguise. Ramesh was no longer worried about how his family will pay for house loans & liabilities, children’s education, or live a comfortable life even if he was no longer around. For the bread earner of the family, the feeling of being secured even in a situation of an adverse event makes him confident and prepared for the future. That’s exactly why you must buy suitable Life insurance policies.

Way back, the first company to offer life insurance was established in London in the year 1706. Since then, every modern generation needs an explanation as to why life insurance policies are a must. Only if, elders could pass on the message to their children that, as humans, everyone needs to secure life, it would have been so much easier. The modern generation is slowly moving from a money-saving mindset to a money-spending one. People are taking personal loans to indulge in exotic vacations. This extra spending should be alarming enough to make you understand the importance of securing the future. Specific pointers that explain why buying a life insurance policy make perfect sense in today’s world:

Increased Debts & Liabilities
Gone are the days when owning a car was a luxury. Ramesh recently purchased a pre-owned car for his wife through an auto-loan, which increased his liability by Rs.8 Lakh. With the ever-growing demands of the family and the modern means of life, people are taking higher risks. Easy availability of the loan facility from the banks has only added to the situation. Insurance helps you to mitigate that chance. Compare life insurance policies and choose from the best life insurance plan in India.

The cost of Education
Educational expenses are increasing by the day. What if, you are not around to support your children when they require you the most? The life insurance policy will secure your children’s education & also support them for other financial needs.

According to a survey, there is one death every four minutes due to road accidents in India. Surprised? Well, you are not the only one. Now that you know the facts, wouldn’t you like to be prepared for such ill-fated events?

Life Expectancy
This rings a bell even for the health freaks. According to the latest reports, the average life expectancy in India is around 66 years, which is 13 years lesser when compared to that of the USA (79 years). Shouldn’t this be a good enough reason to insure your life well?

Savings & Tax Advantages
Even the government realizes the importance of insurance. Hence, they provide tax benefits if you invest in life insurance policies. Plus, it is a good investment option for people who like to save for the future. Some life insurance policies also offer retirement benefits securing your children’s future.

Peace of Mind
With the best Life Insurance plans, you no longer have to worry about the financial strain your loved ones would need to face if you are unable to provide for them. Just like meditation, life insurance policies help you live a stress-free life.

To sum it up, Life Insurance Policy assures your family much-needed financial security, even when you are no longer around. Choose the Best Insurance plan in India from the plethora of options available from different insurance players in the market. Consider Now!

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